Perfectly Dreamy Wedding Halls

A wedding is one of the most important and forever cherished moments of one’s life, therefore a beautiful, and picturesque and most importantly the right wedding venue’s will set the perfect scene for the big day!

But we know how difficult and stressful of a task that can be in Pune. At Spicecourt, we make sure you experience the most exciting day of your life, with marriage halls that have both flexible indoor and outdoor spaces and invoke a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

To top it off, you can combine this with our catering services that ensure your guests are served with delicious and lip-smacking food that they will remember for a lifetime, because let’s be honest, Indian marriages are also about Great Food!

At Spicecourt, we make sure we set a complete 360 grand & perfect atmosphere
We leave your guests feeling happy and satisfied- There is no denying that ensuring all guests arrive and leave happy is the ultimate to-do in a wedding. A wedding is a joyous occasion for everyone, we ensure you start your marriage with the power of everything lovely and positive.
Take the hassle off of you- The only thing you should have to worry about on your wedding day is “how good you look” and ofcourse the most important thing “your soulmate”, leave the rest to us!
Versatile Packages – We offer packages that are both inclusive and exclusive of decorations, caterers as well as other amenities so that you’re free to choose based on your style, preferences and budget, because your wedding should be all about “You”
Custom decorations – Your imagination is important to us. At Spicecourt, you can decorate the wedding venue as much or as little as you want to. We have several ideas and ways to match the tastes of the bride and groom.
Catering Services-At Spicecourt, we have specific menu from which you can choose from as well as allow you to put together a menu of your own that you’d like to see. Whichever your choice, we ensure deletable and mouth-watering food is served at your wedding.
Professional and friendly staff – An aspect that is often overlooked while choosing wedding banquet halls is the attitude of the staff. This is absolutely crucial and can make or break your marriage event. At Spicecourt, our staff are properly trained to offer a great service and equally wonderful hospitality so your guests know they belong!
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The personal satisfaction that one gets from entering a wedding venue and knowing that you’ve found the perfect and dreamiest spot for your loved one and you to get married and share the magical vows of a beautiful union of forever is priceless.
Are you now ready to make a big commitment and tick a marriage venue off your list with Spicecourt?!